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Self Awareness

Danica Joan January 17, 2022

To develop a non-judgmental perspective and become more effective at anger management, we need to constantly strive to increase our self-awareness – to discover what makes us tick – to monitor what goes on inside our head: our thought, feelings, sensing, intuition, reactions, beliefs, and how these show themselves in our behavior. In other words, we need to learn to ‘read ourselves like a book’ – the ‘cover’ and the ‘contents’. Self-awareness is the continuous and evolving process of getting to know who you are. If we don’t know ‘who lives inside here’ and feel at home with ourselves, it’s likely that our ability to be with others will be hindered. A lack of self-awareness means there are areas that are unknown or invisible to us. By increasing our self understanding, we enhance our ability to be genuine and empathic, and our understanding or what makes other people tick.