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Restructuring Statement Exercise

Danica Joan January 17, 2022

The following is an example of a restructuring statement for a dysfunctional thought:

“I can’t stand it when someone gets angry with me.”

  • Restructuring Statement:

It can be uncomfortable, but I don’t need their approval. I can handle and tolerate disapproval.

Now take a few minutes to create your own restructuring statement for the following dysfunctional thoughts:

(See Printout)

  1. “If I request something it shows that I’m weak.”
  2. “If they say ‘no’ I’ll be devastated.”
  3. “I don’t deserve to get what I ask for.”
  4. “I have to be sure a person is going to say ‘yes’ before I ask for something.”
  5. “I must be incompetent if I can’t do something myself.”
  6. “Asking for something is really a selfish and pushy thing to do.”