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Organization and Time Management

Hope4Families June 16, 2022

The world demands a great deal from us today, so that we need to organize our time at home and at work more efficiently than ever before in history. Many of us spend way too much time looking for things, searching for information, and or, just generally spinning our wheels. All of this simply adds to an increase in our overall level of Stress and Anxiety. Organizing your life and using your time efficiently leads to lower levels of Stress and Anxiety. It also offers the possibility for actually finding the time for Stress and Anxiety practice or simply just being and not just doing, doing, doing. Try any or all of these specific suggestions and see what a difference they can make in your overall sense of OK-ness

List jobs and their priorities

If you become overwhelmed at all you have waiting for you, there is an answer. Make lists of things needed to be done and use it! Make note of when the jobs needs to be completed and then put them in chronological order. If one of the items is a really big task, break it down into segments and tackle them one at a time. If the things needing to be done are keeping you awake at night, keep a notepad at your bedside. When your mind won’t relax and let you sleep, write down the things you are dwelling on.

Organize your finances and mail

Do you throw the bills in a drawer when they arrive? Or do you make piles for you to get around to? Create just one place where you keep your bills so you know where to find them. There are Financial organizers on the market with pockets for bills and receipts, budget folders, expense logs, and so on. Find one that suits you. Just a few minutes every day can prevent a ton of work later.

Keep a journal

A daily journal can keep important things in the forefront of our minds as well. This journal can be where you make your notes and lists. There are many organisers and notebooks on the market (or again you can make your own) for this purpose. The important thing is that you can always have it with you.

Organize and label your belongings

We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking through a dozen boxes for something – it’s always in the last place where you look! Label every box with its contents so down the road you don’t have to go through a dozen boxes! It takes a little time but saves more time later.

Use driving time wisely

If you use public transportation or carpool, use this time to make notes on things to do, results of previous meetings, and/or new things you want to try. If you drive, use this time to listen to music that elevate your mood or an inspiring audiobook. You can also make notes into a personal tape recorder and then write them down later. Use this time to mentally organize your creative thoughts.