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Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

H4FAdmin June 16, 2022

Mindfulness meditation is for everyone from all walks of life. It is not a religion and there is no necessary religious component, everyone can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. Try this four-step mindfulness meditation (if possible, find a calm place where you can be alone and not distracted):

  • Get centered – take a moment to just be aware of your body, noticing any areas of tension and see if you can choose to let that tension go. Become aware that you’re breathing.

  • Close your eyes. Is there a tension or loosening in the body? Do any feelings of anger, fear, joy, or calm arise? Whatever arises this is all right. Just take notice and focus on your breathing.

  • Bring your mind back if it wanders – you may notice the mind going off into thoughts of what you need to be doing or judgments such as “how is this going to be helpful to me?” Just note where it wanders to and gently guide it back. Repeat this step a gazillion times, if necessary.

  • Come back to breath – Have gratitude for taking this time out of your daily busy-ness to practice this meditation for your health and well-being.