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Lines of Development

Danica Joan June 16, 2022

I’m sure you are aware of how some people are really good at some things and not so good at others. We can look around at the people we know and instinctively realize that each person has qualities of strength and weakness.

Different lines of human development:

  • cognitive

  • emotional

  • moral

  • spiritual

  • interpersonal

  • self-identity

  • Just to name a few!!!

For example, I am a pretty good cook (The Culinary line of development) but I can’t see my way out of a paper bag (the musical and development). As we grow and develop through life, we passed through various levels of development within each of those numerous lines, maintaining all of the capacities that we have cultivated previously and adding new capacities as we evolve. For example, no one is born with the facility of language – as young children we learn a few words and constantly, throughout our life, we add new words, concepts, and neuronal structures that expand our cognitive capacity to communicate more precisely.

The fascinating thing about these levels of development is that they are a lasting attainment, so language isn’t available one day and disappears the next. In the following modules of this workbook, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a clearer sense of how we all move through these levels of development, across the various lines. You’ll especially have a chance to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your own awareness and emotional intelligence. You are going to like all of the benefits of growing in awareness and emotional intelligence. I guarantee it!