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How to Build your Ego

Hope4Families February 3, 2022

How to build your ego:

  1. Speak positively to yourself. If your ego could use a boost, you’re probably not talking to yourself in a positive manner. One leads to the other. Keep your self-talk positive.

  2. Take control of what you’re saying to yourself and say things you’d like to hear.

  3. Avoid the need to be perfect. The need to be perfect results in failure. Failure leads to a lower ego. Perfection is a myth. It’s acceptable to strive for perfection, but understand that it can never be achieved.

  4. Have reasonable expectations and you’ll be more successful. Success is like fertilizer for the ego.

  5. Focus on the strengths. Focusing on your weaknesses hurts your ego. Focus on your strengths instead.

  6. Make a list of your strengths and review it daily.
  7. Take advantage of your strengths by putting them to work.

  8. Focus on your accomplishments. You’ve done some amazing things. Remind yourself of your accomplishments regularly. Remember how great it felt to be successful and accomplish those things.

  9. Spend time doing things you enjoy that you’re also good at. Are you great at basketball? Join a basketball league. Or put your artistic skills to good use. Spend some time each day being successful.

  10. Avoid comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone better looking, wealthier, or possessing better dance skills. There are too many people in the world to be the best, biggest, or most successful at anything.

11. Pay attention to the growth in your abilities and skills. That’s controllable and far more important.

You have a lot to be proud of. Focus on your achievements and remember how much you’ve accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with being confident in your abilities. In fact, you’ll be much more effective.

If you’re currently at the other end of the spectrum. It would be wise to get your ego under control.

“I think at all social networks, be it Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is, there’s an ecosystem that exist there. But there’s also an ego system that exists there.”

– Ashton Kutcher