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How Does Mindfulness Help?

Hope4Families June 16, 2022

I’ll try to explain how it helps, but if you really want to know, you have to experience it for yourself. Explaining how mindfulness works is like trying to explain to people how to swim. It doesn’t necessarily make a whole lot of sense when you explain it, and even if it makes logical sense, it doesn’t quite capture what the experience of swimming is really like if they just get in the water, they’d get it. Mindfulness meditation increases your awareness and slows everything down. The more you experimentally understand mindfulness meditation, that is, the more you experience being more awake in every moment, the more of yourself you will experience, and the more awareness you will have about what your internal experience really is. Time will slow down… Maybe what you actually experience as your life is something very different once you get the hang of focusing on what is really going on inside of yourself.

Mindful meditation is not goal oriented; it is process-oriented. The focus is not to reach some future point in time; the focus is always on just being here in the present moment, being with whatever you’re experiencing in the here and now. And when I say your experience, I mean your internal experience – what you were thinking, feeling, sensing, and noticing. It is mostly about watching, observing, and witnessing.

Give this short Guided Mindfulness Meditation a try and reflect on the experience (See Printout)