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Focus on Sounds

Danica Joan January 17, 2022

The practice of concentrating on sounds has also been shown to activate the PSNS. Try one of the techniques below and see if it works for you.

Close your eyes and stand very still. Listen carefully. What is the furthest sound you can hear? Concentrate on that one. Hear it with the “ear” of every cell of your body. Stand very close to a tree or bush. Listen only for the sound of the wind playing with the leaves or branches.

Or, locate a source of running water – a river, a stream, a waterfall. Close your eyes and allow the sound of moving water to fill you. They to attend to nothing else. Hear the water with your whole body. Imagine that it is running through you – the channel. Allow it to cleanse and refresh you. Become a part of the water.

Alternatively, most large buildings have an air-conditioning system or heating system which makes a continual background noise. Close your eyes and listen for this sound. Use the sound to relax yourself.

Calming Music and BrainWave Stimulation

Another approach is to listen to calming music, or a brain wave stimulation program. It takes no effort on your behalf to listen to these which may be very welcome at the end of a long, hard day’s work!

Quite obviously, you can buy relaxing music in very many places and you may already own some. You can listen to MP3s, for example, on an iPod.

You can find more about brainwave stimulation at www.growthcentral.com. They offer inexpensive downloadable MP3s and have proven to be very popular as a way to assist structural brain changes enhancing the balance between the primitive and evolved brain as well as hemispheric synchronization.

Try one of the sound focusing techniques. Which did you choose? Describe your experience.