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  2. Table of Contents
  3. SEASON 1
    Episode 1: Mic Technician
  4. Episode 2: Dave's Story
  5. Episode 3: The Pitfalls of Educational Neglect
  6. Episode 4: Minnesota Supreme Court Candidate, Michelle MacDonald
  7. Episode 5: Half the Child, Author William J. McGee
  8. Episode 6: Monica Griego, Advocate from Albuquerque, New Mexico discusses Foster Care and helping others regain custody
  9. Episode 7: Dan discusses the Family Court System by Design
  10. Episode 8: Michael Sayen discusses the history of Unalienable Rights, Parens Patriae, Civil Rights and Parental Rights
  11. Episode 9: Advocate Dolores Feliciano offers advice regarding CPS and Parental Alienation
  12. Episode 10: Author and Podcaster, Mike Aikins discusses his advocation against Title IV-D
  13. Episode 11: In-depth discussion with Attorney Brian Mayer, who explains child-custody litigation involving Narcissists
  14. Episode 12: Michael Sayen talks about Alimony, the history behind it and the whole explanation, perfect for Halloween!
  15. Episode 13: PART TWO: Monica Griego updates us with her ongoing CYFD case
  16. Episode 14: Riley talks about Divorce Done Right
  17. Episode 15: Dawn Endria McCarty discusses everything she is doing to help others avoid Parental Alienation
  18. Episode 16: Deanna Kloostra discusses researching Family Court and creating a business to help change the system
  19. Episode 17: Heidi Weber from the Whistleblower Revolution Podcast discusses her past history and her podcast
  20. Episode 18: Michael Volpe, freelance investigative journalist discusses family court and judicial corruption
  21. Episode 19: Attorney Ashish S. Joshi discusses Parental Alienation in the courtroom, how to prove Parental Alienation and his new book, Litigating Parental Alienation
  22. Episode 20: Update with Dave from Darby discussing life with his daughter, surviving family court and Parental Alienation
  23. Episode 21: Barbara LaPointe is a divorce coach that specializes in high conflict relationships
  24. Episode 22: Michael Sayen discusses the difference between State Law and the Federal Constitution regarding the best interests of the child
  25. Episode 23: Cheryl A. Kennedy discusses being a "Fraud on the Court," crime victim, CPS, Congress and Martial Law
  26. Episode 1: Dr. Mark D. Roseman discusses high-conflict divorce, litigation, tearing apart the family and Parental Alienation
  27. SEASON 2
    Episode 2: Kenn Joyce , spokesman for Alienated Children First, discusses legislation in Ireland to make Parental Alienation a crime
  28. Episode 3: Michael Volpe discusses 50/50 Shared Parenting, Father's Rights agenda and Title IV-D
  29. Episode 4: Aoife Griffin from Ireland discusses Quantam Flow, hypnosis, and her book, "Stop, Breathe and Enjoy"
  30. Episode 5: PART ONE: Crystal on the show talking about the Entities/CPS that steal our children away, their methods and intimidation tactics as well as her Non-Profit Organization
  31. Episode 6: PART TWO: Crystal exposes sexual abuse and Child Trafficking within the Foster Care system
  32. Episode 7: Christine Morrison talks about the predatory system and abuse of power by the judiciary
  33. Episode 8: James Gibson was falsely accused with a conviction of murder, served 29 years and was exonerated
  34. Episode 9: Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers facilitates conferences, retreats support groups and networking among Targeted Parents
  35. Episode 10: PART THREE: Monica Griego discusses her recent court case and wanting her children back home
  36. Episode 11: PART THREE: Crystal talks about the international problem of child Sex Trafficking and the slavery in the Foster Care System
  37. Episode 12: Charles J. Stecker, Jr. discusses child advocacy and being a voice for the child
  38. Episode 13: William J. McGee, author of the novel HALF THE CHILD as my return guest to discuss books and Family Court
  39. Episode 14: Dr. Aman Kumar from India opens up our eyes to the child trafficking in India and surrounding countries
  40. Episode 15: Sheila tells her story of an alienated mother, dealing with the corrupt court system in Ireland along with Brian O'Sullivan and the changes being made in Ireland
  41. Episode 16: Trish Guise from Canada is a High Conflict Divorce Strategist/New Ways for Families Coach discusses the shared responsibility of the judiciary, attorney and parents.
  42. Episode 17: Jodi Peary, JD, PhD discusses divorce and coparenting and the many ways Family Court can make communication difficult
  43. Episode 18: Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers back on to discuss International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, Epiphany Awaits is offering a faith-based retreat for alienated parents
  44. Episode 19: Rod McCall shares his personal experience with Parental Alienation and his book, For the Love of Eryk
  45. Episode 20: Michael Volpe back on to talk about the 31 judges recusals, a 14 year-old being sent to live with her abuser and the definition of Parental Alienation and Court Corruption
  46. Episode 21: Cheryl A. Kennedy returns to talk about Cuomo and National Security NOW
  47. Episode 22: Deanna Kloostra, Divorce Coach talks about "Revengeful Parent Syndrome" and Torture Techniques used in Family Court to Enhance the Corruption
  48. Episode 23: Elaine Cobb discusses conferences and symposiums coming up regarding estrangement versus Parental Alienation and what it does to children
  49. Episode 24: Philip Marcus, Judge (retired) of the Jerusalem Family Court Jurist discusses Family Court, ways Israel handles Parental Alienation Cases and disciplinary actions taken by the court
  50. Episode 25: Bjorn Cedervall, Ph.D., M.Sc., from Sweden talks about Parental Alienation, the problem with Social Services and the Legal System
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Episode 5: Half the Child, Author William J. McGee

Chung November 12, 2021

Guest William J. McGee, author of HALF THE CHILD, discusses many aspects of writing a novel.  McGee’s book was a semi-finalist in both the James Jones First Novel Competition and the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition, and was an Honorable Mention in the New England Book Competition.  The novel takes place over four consecutive summers in the lives of Michael Mullen and his son Ben, who ages from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 years. It chronicles the separation, divorce, custody battle, and abduction that threaten to tear apart a father and son. Mike, a 34-year old air traffic controller at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, who is also pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology finds himself going through a divorce.  Through these four summers, the legal stakes keep dramatically increasing, as mediation devolves into litigation, culminating in Ben’s abduction as his mother attempts to resettle outside of the US. Mike steadfastly refuses to consider a life that consists of him living apart from Ben.  Ultimately father and son will write their own love story.


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