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  2. Table of Contents
  3. SEASON 1
    Episode 1: Mic Technician
  4. Episode 2: Dave's Story
  5. Episode 3: The Pitfalls of Educational Neglect
  6. Episode 4: Minnesota Supreme Court Candidate, Michelle MacDonald
  7. Episode 5: Half the Child, Author William J. McGee
  8. Episode 6: Monica Griego, Advocate from Albuquerque, New Mexico discusses Foster Care and helping others regain custody
  9. Episode 7: Dan discusses the Family Court System by Design
  10. Episode 8: Michael Sayen discusses the history of Unalienable Rights, Parens Patriae, Civil Rights and Parental Rights
  11. Episode 9: Advocate Dolores Feliciano offers advice regarding CPS and Parental Alienation
  12. Episode 10: Author and Podcaster, Mike Aikins discusses his advocation against Title IV-D
  13. Episode 11: In-depth discussion with Attorney Brian Mayer, who explains child-custody litigation involving Narcissists
  14. Episode 12: Michael Sayen talks about Alimony, the history behind it and the whole explanation, perfect for Halloween!
  15. Episode 13: PART TWO: Monica Griego updates us with her ongoing CYFD case
  16. Episode 14: Riley talks about Divorce Done Right
  17. Episode 15: Dawn Endria McCarty discusses everything she is doing to help others avoid Parental Alienation
  18. Episode 16: Deanna Kloostra discusses researching Family Court and creating a business to help change the system
  19. Episode 17: Heidi Weber from the Whistleblower Revolution Podcast discusses her past history and her podcast
  20. Episode 18: Michael Volpe, freelance investigative journalist discusses family court and judicial corruption
  21. Episode 19: Attorney Ashish S. Joshi discusses Parental Alienation in the courtroom, how to prove Parental Alienation and his new book, Litigating Parental Alienation
  22. Episode 20: Update with Dave from Darby discussing life with his daughter, surviving family court and Parental Alienation
  23. Episode 21: Barbara LaPointe is a divorce coach that specializes in high conflict relationships
  24. Episode 22: Michael Sayen discusses the difference between State Law and the Federal Constitution regarding the best interests of the child
  25. Episode 23: Cheryl A. Kennedy discusses being a "Fraud on the Court," crime victim, CPS, Congress and Martial Law
  26. Episode 1: Dr. Mark D. Roseman discusses high-conflict divorce, litigation, tearing apart the family and Parental Alienation
  27. SEASON 2
    Episode 2: Kenn Joyce , spokesman for Alienated Children First, discusses legislation in Ireland to make Parental Alienation a crime
  28. Episode 3: Michael Volpe discusses 50/50 Shared Parenting, Father's Rights agenda and Title IV-D
  29. Episode 4: Aoife Griffin from Ireland discusses Quantam Flow, hypnosis, and her book, "Stop, Breathe and Enjoy"
  30. Episode 5: PART ONE: Crystal on the show talking about the Entities/CPS that steal our children away, their methods and intimidation tactics as well as her Non-Profit Organization
  31. Episode 6: PART TWO: Crystal exposes sexual abuse and Child Trafficking within the Foster Care system
  32. Episode 7: Christine Morrison talks about the predatory system and abuse of power by the judiciary
  33. Episode 8: James Gibson was falsely accused with a conviction of murder, served 29 years and was exonerated
  34. Episode 9: Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers facilitates conferences, retreats support groups and networking among Targeted Parents
  35. Episode 10: PART THREE: Monica Griego discusses her recent court case and wanting her children back home
  36. Episode 11: PART THREE: Crystal talks about the international problem of child Sex Trafficking and the slavery in the Foster Care System
  37. Episode 12: Charles J. Stecker, Jr. discusses child advocacy and being a voice for the child
  38. Episode 13: William J. McGee, author of the novel HALF THE CHILD as my return guest to discuss books and Family Court
  39. Episode 14: Dr. Aman Kumar from India opens up our eyes to the child trafficking in India and surrounding countries
  40. Episode 15: Sheila tells her story of an alienated mother, dealing with the corrupt court system in Ireland along with Brian O'Sullivan and the changes being made in Ireland
  41. Episode 16: Trish Guise from Canada is a High Conflict Divorce Strategist/New Ways for Families Coach discusses the shared responsibility of the judiciary, attorney and parents.
  42. Episode 17: Jodi Peary, JD, PhD discusses divorce and coparenting and the many ways Family Court can make communication difficult
  43. Episode 18: Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers back on to discuss International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, Epiphany Awaits is offering a faith-based retreat for alienated parents
  44. Episode 19: Rod McCall shares his personal experience with Parental Alienation and his book, For the Love of Eryk
  45. Episode 20: Michael Volpe back on to talk about the 31 judges recusals, a 14 year-old being sent to live with her abuser and the definition of Parental Alienation and Court Corruption
  46. Episode 21: Cheryl A. Kennedy returns to talk about Cuomo and National Security NOW
  47. Episode 22: Deanna Kloostra, Divorce Coach talks about "Revengeful Parent Syndrome" and Torture Techniques used in Family Court to Enhance the Corruption
  48. Episode 23: Elaine Cobb discusses conferences and symposiums coming up regarding estrangement versus Parental Alienation and what it does to children
  49. Episode 24: Philip Marcus, Judge (retired) of the Jerusalem Family Court Jurist discusses Family Court, ways Israel handles Parental Alienation Cases and disciplinary actions taken by the court
  50. Episode 25: Bjorn Cedervall, Ph.D., M.Sc., from Sweden talks about Parental Alienation, the problem with Social Services and the Legal System
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Episode 3: The Pitfalls of Educational Neglect

Chung November 12, 2021

Guest, Mic Technician, Richard Provost discusses issues he has had with a false accusation of Educational Neglect, Truancy and CPS. Along with a teacher’s strike with CPS involvement, suspicion arose questioning child kidnapping and trafficking.

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