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Hope4Families June 16, 2022

Social Support

Getting support from Friends, co-workers, or family members is a very good way to help manage your Stress and Anxiety. However, this in itself can sometimes cause you some Stress and Anxiety. Almost everyone dreads conversations where emotional and psychological states are high. But it is possible to have an honest, supportive, and Stress and Anxiety reducing social network. It takes some work and some patients but it is certainly well worthwhile.

Withdrawal from High Stress and Anxiety Situations

Withdrawal is appropriate when your Stress and Anxiety is excessive. To remain in a situation when Stress and Anxiety gets too high can sensitize you to a particular situation. So that when you reenter a similar situation, the excessive level automatically returns. For example, if you are driving your car and your stress and anxiety level reach overload, withdrawal from pulling off the road, get out of the car, and walk around while doing some time if I’m breathing. Work on letting go of your concerns. Learning to withdraw is the basis of timeouts used in basic conflict resolution.

Redirecting Attention

Redirecting our attention away from bodily symptoms as well as from dysfunctional thoughts about a triggering situation is an effective way to lower levels of stress and anxiety and can stop your reaction from increasing momentum. Many people have found that the following techniques will lower Stress and Anxiety:

  • Talk to someone in your support network about your experience. Talking out the experience can help us to process and work it out thus relieving some of the Stress and Anxiety. A little help from someone else can assist us to turn our perspective from negative to positive.

  • Get some exercise. Go for a walk, ride an exercise bike, do some dance steps or other physical activity.

  • Perform an activity requiring concentration like reading, going online, doing puzzles, knitting or sewing, we’re playing a musical instrument.

  • Safely express angry feelings by pounding a pillow or hitting your bed, but do not vent at the source of your anger.

  • Engaged and pleasurable activity, for example, get a hug, have sex, take a shower or bath.

  • Have a healthy snack, such as a cup of decaffeinated tea with low-fat milk as a soothing treat. You will need to think of it as a healthy treat rather than deprivation, however.