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Activating Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Danica Joan June 16, 2022

The parasympathetic nervous system has the opposite effect to the SNS arousal action, allowing the body to calm down and re-balance. the activation of the PSNS supports the relaxation of the muscles, slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It assists the breathing to return to its normal rate, as well as the digestive and immune systems to normal function. the parasympathetic mode also supports rest and sleep. a good example of optimal autonomic balance can be seen in a cat the responds alertly to certain potentially threatening sounds or movements, but, as soon as the situation is assessed to be safe, returns immediately to a relaxed state.

By intentionally activating the PSNS, you can take advantage of its natural calming effects and stop the escalation of the anger process. Here are some evidence based techniques for activating your PSNS…..