June 2021 Event Packed Calendar

Kids Need Both, Inc. is being true to its mission to empower families with the resources, education, and support to make the best decisions for their future. And we do that by causing the effectiveness of the professionals in our community who are equally aligned with our guiding values.

This June 2021, in Hope4Families Community we have scoured the globe in search of family advocacy events to share that are created by vetted organizers. You can check out the following link provided below.

We are actively seeking partnership to build the momentum for this MOVEMENT!

If you are a parent, a professional or an affected individual who is involved in the divorce world – we have what you need to learn to grow and to change the world. Join the MOVEMENT that is a new model for restoring family relationships where parents and children THRIVE!

click here https://hope4families.net/event-calendar/

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