“It’s not always Father to Son, Daughters Need Fathers too”

Family is important. Oftentimes people focus on the role of fathers in the lives of their sons. What benefits will an active, attentive father provide in the life of his daughter? This is not to demean the influence of mothers nor overlook the needs of sons. But consider the deep and weighty effect that fathers have on the lives of their daughters; for good or bad. Girls with attentive fathers do better academically. They are likely to achieve higher grades in school than girls with absent fathers. Active fathers encourage their daughters to stay more years in study and seek higher education achievements. A father who is present and attentive assists his daughter to have better social and communication skills. These skills are enhanced by a father who takes an interest in his daughter’s interests and encourages her to express her viewpoint. Fathers also play an important role in developing religious behavior.

from Youtube/Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint channel

Being a father is a unique role. Although the male figure is often associated with male successors, in a family it is undeniably obvious that daughters look up to a father figure.

What a future husband is to a woman, the father had greatly influenced the daughter even at a young age. Even after marriage, a father’s advice is truly essential. A family, intact or separated is undeniably in need of a responsible father figure.

Kudos to all fathers these coming Fathers Day 2021. Continue being an inspiration to both your sons and daughters.

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