‘I’m a stepmum and I call the children my kids – I don’t see the problem’

A woman who became a stepmum when she started dating her current partner has spoken out about the criticism she faces, saying that she doesn’t mind calling the children her own kids

A step mum has left people divided after revealing that she refers to her partner’s children as her own kids – as some people find it offensive.

Megan Davila took to TikTok and shared a series of gripes that people have with her as a step mum, describing herself as a ‘bonus mumma’.

She said that she has banned the phrases ‘step brother’ or ‘step sister’, insisting that the ‘step’ part is unnecessary, and that she even refers to them as her own kids.

Soon Megan was inundated with comments as while some praised her for her honesty, others weren’t so sure about her take on parenting.

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Megan, from the US, uploads to TikTok as @megandavila7, and captioned her video: “Happy Mother’s Day to mamas and bonus mummas.

“It’s never easy but always worth it. Do what works for you.”

She then listed the things she does as a step mum that other people don’t like.

“Don’t correct people when they say we look alike.”

Megan’s video soon had over 100,000 views and a flurry of comments, with some fans divided by her take on parenting.

One said: “I’m a step mum and the kids actually want to be referred to as step kids as they say they have a mum.”

Then another wrote: “As someone who has a stepmom, I can understand why people don’t like it. Hell, I even hate it when my stepmom does this to me and we have many fights.”

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But not everyone disagreed with Megan, others praised her for being honest.

One said: “I wish my stepmom was like you!”

And another added: “Same same! I always call my stepdaughter my daughter and make sure they call each other brother/sister not step. Family is family.”

Then Megan replied: “Yep! And when I hear them say anything different I correct them! Doesn’t matter if I birthed you! Two mamas is better than one and two dads is better.”

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