Join The Strategic Alliance

Our Mission

At Hope4Families Strategic Alliance is to empower and uplift families by creating a unified front of advocacy organizations dedicated to providing resources, support, and guidance to families in experiencing child custody conflict. Through collaboration and partnership, we strive to cultivate a community of hope, resilience, and strength that enables families to overcome these challenges and thrive. We are committed to promoting equality, inclusivity, and social justice for all families, regardless of background or circumstance. Our ultimate goal is to create a brighter future for families everywhere, one that is built on the foundation of compassion, collaboration, and a shared commitment to preserve the eternal unity of the family bond.

Our Vision

Together, we envision a world where every family is empowered, supported, and thriving. Through our strategic alliance, we strive to be the leading voice for family advocacy, championing the rights of families, promoting equity, and driving systemic change to create a brighter future for all.

As the managing Partner for this platform community, Kids Need Both, Inc has positioned Hope4Families as an integrated resource hub, where each service builds on, and feeds into, the other. We focus on Education, Empowerment, Development and Prosperity, through education, coaching, collaboration and community. Our training is accessible to both parents and professionals, to empower themselves and others going through child custody conflict.

Our Stakeholders 

Are parents, children and extended family, as well as the experienced professionals who assist them, and the communities that are affected by disruptions in the family unit.

1. Families and individuals who benefit from each organization’s services and programs
2. Donors and funders who support our organizations financially
3. Volunteers who give their time and skills to support our collaborative mission
4. Staff members and board members who work for the organizations
5. Partners that collaborate with Hope4Families to provide services or support
6. Government agencies or policymakers who may have an interest in each organization’s work
7. Community members who live in the areas where Hope4Families partners operate and may be affected by their programs and activities.

By providing intensive, curated, uninterrupted services for families, we help them save thousands in court and related fees, time away from work and family, and extended emotional trauma. By offering training for professionals, we support them to upgrade their knowledge, skills and income in the service of positive outcomes for their clients.

With collaboration of organizations committed to strengthening families and our community we collectively increase access and awareness to resources and services. As part of the consideration process, prospective H4F Alliance Partners are requested to complete the following survey to determine how your services may best be utilized and expanded throughout our network of partner agencies.