Join The Strategic Alliance

The mission of Kids Need Both, Inc., is to be a model of education, empowerment, and professional development, that transforms the way all stakeholders navigate the challenges of maintaining the eternal unity of the family bond.

Our vision is a global phenomenon of Love, Generosity and Restoration of Family Relationships that work for everyone.

We have positioned ourselves as an integrated resource hub, where each service builds on, and feeds into, the other. We focus on Education, Empowerment, Development and Prosperity, through mediation, training, coaching and media. Our training is accessible to both parents and professionals, to empower themselves and others going through divorce.

Our stakeholders are parents, children and extended family, as well as the experienced professionals who assist them, and the communities that are affected by disruptions in the family unit.

By providing intensive, curated, uninterrupted services for families, we help them save thousands in court and related fees, time away from work and family, and extended emotional trauma. By offering training for professionals, we support them to upgrade their knowledge, skills and income in the service of positive outcomes for their clients.

With collaboration of organizations committed to strengthening families and our community we collectively increase access and awareness to resources and services. As part of the consideration process, prospective H4F Alliance Partners are requested to complete the following survey to determine how your services may best be utilized and expanded throughout our network of partner agencies.