Father’s Day Special!

Dearest you,

Father’s Day is a holiday of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. This year can be considered the Year of the Father in the state of Florida because there is pending legislation that would provide significant changes for families. The bills being proposed are designed to encourage judges to presume that both parents are equally capable of being caregivers for their children, and in fact, it is preferred, unless there is clear and convincing evidence otherwise. In the dependency court side, $70 million in grant opportunities are written into that bill that Governor DeSantis signed into law to train and support the active role of fathers to be caregivers instead of just breadwinners. It is my hope that you are enjoying a beautiful Father’s Day with your child. And if you are among the thousands of fathers who are marginalized and your special day has been thwarted, I ask that you not give up hope. We are making a difference so that someday every child can have equal access to a meaningful relationship with both parents. We stand committed to transform the family by interrupting unhealthy generational patterns. And the first one is to make sure that parents are treated fairly by the system. Where there is equality everyone thrives.

In service to families,

Managing Director, Hope4Families


‘Responsible Fathers’ bill gets governor’s signature

TAMPA, Fla — House Bill 7065 is now law in the state of Florida. At a press conference Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis said its goal is to promote “responsible fatherhood.”

“You have responsibilities for your kids and you need to be present and you need to be offering a supportive role,” he said.

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