How to Enjoy a Happy Christmas Despite Custody Conflict

This month Dr Mark Roseman and Danica Joan are discussing positive ways to enjoy the Holidays when going through high conflict custody situations. Dr. Roseman advocates the research showing that child outcomes are most positive and long-lasting when parents fight less, use mediation methods for child custody and visitation solutions, and hire counsel who can best appreciate what is truly a child’s best interests and not necessarily the interests of the litigants.

Here at Kids Need Both, we honor the eternal unity of the family bond. We as advocates recognize that not all children have unencumbered access to a loving relationship due to Parental Alienation. This Panel Discussion is an opportunity for parents and professionals to gain insight on how to powerfully overcome or prevent this from occurring.

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Dec 19 2021


2:00 pm
Kids Need Both, Inc


Kids Need Both, Inc


  • Danica Joan
    Danica Joan
    Founder & Director, Kids Need Both Inc.

    Danica is a Certified Family Mediator with the Florida Supreme Court, a Guardian Ad Litem, the author of Florida’s Family Stabilization Parent Education Curriculum, a Personal Custody Coach and founder of Kids Need Both, Inc. She’s devoted her life to guiding families, through coaching, education and resources, to find workable, equitable, solutions to their custody conflicts. Her model includes educating professionals in the custody field, thus completing the circle of stakeholders, who will be empowered to find the best solutions for all. She continues to seek opportunities to collaborate with organizations that will support her model, and bring global healing to families.

  • Dawn McCarty
    Dawn McCarty
    Founder of Safe@Home

    Dawn McCarty is a champion against childhood emotional abuse, cyberbullying, and human trafficking
    Advocate for Adult Child Survivor of Childhood Trauma, and Parental Childhood Abduction and Alienation. Her Specialties include
    Data Loss Prevention and Identity and Access Management.
    Dawn is also an associate producer of Erasing Family Documentary.

  • Mark Roseman
    Mark Roseman
    CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, Inc.

    Dr. Mark believes as research shows us that many of life’s changes affect individuals with varying impact. Our ability to transition will be based on personal experience, outlook, and belief. It, therefore, is vital that to continue our personal journeys and to adapt to environmental and workplace challenges, support, guidance, and advice will maximize our ability to sustain ourselves.


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