Handling a challenging partner – before, during or after divorce

Join Claire Black, Divorce Coach, and Scullion Law on Tuesday 18 May, at 12.30 for a webinar packed full of tips to support you in handling a challenging partner.

Are you thinking about divorcing your difficult partner? Or perhaps you are struggling to handle communication with your challenging ex?

We know that a separation or divorce can be one of the most traumatic things you may go through in your life. Break-up or divorce can bring a roller coaster of emotions and challenges. It inevitably brings change and uncertainty into your life, which may be painful and uncomfortable. It can knock your self-esteem and confidence.

When your partner makes things even more difficult, it can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Led by Claire, this webinar will give you simple, effective techniques and strategies that you can start using straight away – whatever stage you are at.

We will also answer your questions, show you ways to find calm, gain clarity, take back control of your emotions, see options and choices, and focus on what you CAN do to take steps forward.

Our aim is to create a friendly, supportive place where you can feel safe to ask any questions you might have, raise your concerns and learn new strategies to help you right now. It is a place to focus on you, and what you need.

We would love to welcome you!


May 18 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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