Family Law 2021: Family Is As Family Does – Evolving Family Forms

Social institutions constantly evolve to reflect our society’s values and belief systems. One of the most powerful social institutions is the family, the form of which has been influenced over the years by advances in gender equality rights, changing views on marriage and divorce, medical advances in contraception and fertility treatments, and the recognition and expansion of rights granted to LGBT2Q+ persons.
This program will bring together leading practitioners recognized for their unique expertise in the progressive areas of fertility and reproductive law, family creation, LGBT2Q+ rights and relationships, and the evolving form of families. Join us for an engaging day of discussions designed to inspire an inclusive and informed modern family law practice. Delegates will leave with an up-to-date understanding of the law in these areas, along with best practices and tools to implement in your practice. This program is essential for those seeking to remain current and discover new approaches to family law.
Key Areas Addressed:
• Understanding parentage and birth registration
• Ownership of human reproductive material
• Human reproductive material on marital breakdown and death
• Trans competency, family creation and decision making for trans children
• Fertility Agreements
• Multi-Parent and Polyamorous Families
Who Should Attend:
• Lawyers of all levels advising on family law matters
• Family law arbitrators
• Family law mediators
• Government officials and employees engaged in family matters
• Family service providers
• Wills and estate lawyers
• Executors and estate administrators
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Jun 04 2021


12:00 am - 7:25 pm


Pacific Business & Law Institute
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