#CoParentingLikeABoss Online Workshop

As part of the #EmpoweredParentWorkshopSeries I am super excited to launch the 5th of the series:
Becoming a parent shifts your focus. Often it shifts it so far in the direction of our kids that we lose sight of ourselves and our partners. We stop ‘seeing’ ourselves and each other. Making time for ourselves and each other. Me time stops. Date nights stop as the kids become the primary focus. And it’s leaving parents exhausted, depleted and loaded up with guilt (me!) and destroying relationships (mine!) all over the place.
Did you know that couples separating has risen a significant 25-30% in New Zealand since covid began (more in other parts of the world)? As the pressure in relationships increases even further on top of the regular demands of life and parenting in relationships.
This is so huge. I didn’t think it would happen to me and I bet these peeps didn’t think it would either!
In this Workshop you will look at things from a very different angle through very different eyes so that I could CoParent from a place of what I wanted to create for myself, my CoParent, and my boys, rather than what I didn’t.
I wanted to create a fun and loving environment that we all enjoyed. One that worked so that the needs of our children were the focus of the agreements that we made as I learnt how to lift above the hurt and emotion, stop blaming the other parent, start listening and come from a very different place.
So whether you are separated, currently going through divorce, or still navigating the Parenting waters as a couple, this workshop is extremely empowering if you want to learn how to Parent better separately when you couldn’t get it together together!
• Single Workshop Ticket $27 USD
• Bundle of 3 Workshops $67 USD
(Includes FREE CoParenting Like a Boss Workshop)
• Full Package of Workshops $107 USD
(6 Workshops for the price of 5)
You can find out more information on all of the Workshops HERE:
Content of Workshop Series:
Tuesday Evenings from 8-9.30pm
#BeatingBedtimeBattles – May 4
#TalkingToKidsAboutSex – May 11
#EndingScreentimeDramas – May 18
#SiblingRivalryIsAThing – May 25
#CoParentingLikeABoss – June 1
#GettingKidsToListen – June 8
Look out for the event pages for the other 5 Workshops.
Big love,
Jacqlin 💜


Jun 01 2021


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Your Parent Journey with Jacqlin
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