2021 ACR Conference

We’re excited to be together–IN PERSON– at this year’s Summit!

Join us October 14-15 in Marietta, GA for the 2021 Summit on Stepfamily Ministry.

  • When was the last time you taught a marriage course specifically for stepcouples?
  • Have you modified your premarital ministry to help couples forming blended families?

Stepfamilies make up 40% of married couples with kids in the U.S. and a significant portion of societies throughout the world. Join churches all over the world who are upgrading their marriage ministries to equip stepcouples to build homes of redemption! The opportunity for in-person collaboration with other ministry leaders has always been a value of the Summit, and we’re excited to have that back!

Group Registration (2 or more) $109
This year we will focus on how you can help families prepare for life in a blended family. Marriage coaches, mentors, and pastors who feel overwhelmed by the complexity of blended family dynamics will leave ready to help prepare couples for life in a stepfamily.
Whether you are brand new to blended family ministry or you have done it for years, this event will encourage and prepare you to help blended families in your church and community.
Go here for all the information! We look forward to seeing you there!
In a blended family home, we don’t always like to admit we’re a stepfamily. It’s easier to cover up the details than go into an explanation of divorce, stepchildren, loss, and brokenness. But when we try to hide our past, shame creeps in. Secrets set us up to fail.
We might want to act or look like a traditional family, but we’re not—we never will be. We can’t present that pretense to others. When we learn to embrace our differences and keep God at the helm of our family, we walk away from our shame and brokenness. We can hold our head high as a beloved child of God, unique in the beauty of our identity.


Oct 14 - 15 2021


Eastern Time
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
FamilyLife Blended


FamilyLife Blended
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