Dr Gardner Ruined Family Court 40 Years Ago By Making Parental Alienation the Worst Offense

Richard A. Gardner, M.D. was a psychiatrist from New Jersey who devised “Parental Alienation Syndrome.”

Before Gardner committed suicide, he traveled worldwide advocating for widespread acceptance of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

When Gardner spoke about “The Parental Alienation Syndrome” on June 24, 1999 at his “One Day Symposium at the Open University in The Netherlands,” he told family court lawyers and vendors gathered there:

“So, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to say first. And that is, that the legislators have power to give judges power to cure the disease Parental Alienation Syndrome. I repeat, the legislators have the power to empower judges, to cure, to prevent the Parental Alienation Syndrome. If the legislators do not give the judges the power to cure this disease, it will continue to grow… and get worse and worse.”

Gardner recommended: Jail time for protective parents who try to protect children from sexual abuse.

He recommended “Threat Therapy” for children who resist spending time with parents who molest them.

Attorneys and guardians ad litem are to tell sexually abused children that the protective parent will be jailed unless the children “visit” with the identified perpetrator.

Protective parents are labeled mentally ill and are only allowed to “visit” the children they tried to protect under “therapeutic supervision.”

All discussion of disclosed abuse and future abuse is prohibited.

Richard Ducote, a lawyer, explains:

Richard Ducote

The problem with this whole line of parental alienation testimony is it’s a concept that has very dubious and troublesome rootings and
origins. And it was founded by this Richard Gardner, who has very bizarre sexual theories.

And this is a defense for people who are indeed caught abusing their kids. And all it does is, it takes the symptoms of abuse and redefines it as symptoms of alienation, which is a circular defense.

Under this parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome, child abuse is the only crime that has a built-in defense.

You just say it’s alienation, and every symptom of the abuse is just simply called “evidence” of alienation.

Ducote cross examined parental alienation expert, Robert A. Evans PhD in 2021.

Dr. Robert A Evans helps fathers win custody and avoid prison for pedophilia.

From the transcript

Ducote: Dr. Evans, is it your position that this parental alienation syndrome is as bad for a child as being sexually abused by a parent?

Dr. Evans: Actually, there’s specific research to address that question. And in fact, they found out that looking at parental alienation as a form of child maltreatment, which it meets that definition according to the American Professional Society on Child Abuse, parental alienation as a form of child abuse has been documented to be as bad or worse than both physical and sexual abuse. So the answer is, yes.

Ducote: So let’s say if a child is beaten by a parent with a hammer, okay, is that worse or not as bad as parental alienation?

Evans: I can’t give you an opinion on that.

Ducote: How about tied up with ropes, would that be as bad as parental alienation?

Evans: Again, I think it depends on the circumstances and the specifics, so I can’t give you an answer on that either.

Ducote: So, what type of circumstances, hypothetically, could a parent tie up their child with ropes, and that not be as bad as parental alienation?

Evans: I really can’t speculate on all of those kinds of details. I’m telling you what I’m familiar with in terms of the literature and their research.

Ducote: Okay. How about if you have a four-year-old, and the father forces the child to perform fellatio on him. Could that be less harmful to the child than parental alienation?

Evans: Potentially, yes.

Ducote: How about the father actually fully penetrates his four-year-old daughter’s vagina with his penis. Could that be less harmful to the child than parental alienation?

Evans: Potentially.

Ducote: Let me ask you about this. On page 537 of the book, True and False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse, do you agree with this statement, quote, Special care should be taken not to alienate the child from the molesting parent. The removal of a pedophilic parent from the home should only be seriously considered after all attempts at treatment of pedophilia and rapprochement with the family have been proven futile. Do you agree with that?

Evans: Let me check this out.

Don’t Burn Pedophiles like they did witches, urged Dr. Richard Gardner, the father of parental alienation.

If Judge Gerard Adelman had allowed Karen Riordan to present her evidence, transcripts from those hearings would have been like the above transcript.

Judge Adelman wouldn’t let Riordan present her case.

Why didn’t he?

Who allowed Adelman to call an attorney “a crybaby”?

Who allowed Adelman to tell an attorney “I’m not going to play your game” and who allowed him to tell her he would fine her $50 every time she said the word “game”?

Attorney Cunha seemed to be frustrated with the ways the judge and the other attorneys abused her client.

Did they take all the mother’s money, abuse the children and force the children to go live with the perpetrator??

Judge Gerard Adelman spoke in hard and angry earnest, if a man ever did, in taking the three Ambrose children away from their mother. Judge Adelman is an earnest man when his hatred is up. Perhaps there are those who do worse things than Gerard Adelman; but I’d rather listen to them all a dozen times than to that Adelman once.

What evidence did Judge Thomas Moukawsher help Judge Adelman keep out of court?

Judge Thomas Moukawsher’s face was stern, and much flushed. He was in the habit of ruling based more on the money than what was exactly good for the children. If he ever meant to do justice, his face belied it. If he did, the judge might have brought action against his face for libel and have recovered heavy damages.

Attorney Nickola Cunha was right about the corruption in family courts. And now, which attorney in their right mind will be raise the problem of corruption in the courts after a judge disbarred an attorney for raising the subject of corruption?

The argument that the Ambrose children were not molested because the DCF said the molestation was “unsubstantiated” is not persuasive.

When DCF says that because an allegation of child abuse is “unsubstantiated,“ it does not mean abuse didn’t occur.

It means that when the case was investigated, no one was able to, bothered to, or purposely didn’t prove the abuse occurred.

Most adults groom and molest children behind closed doors without witnesses.

“… According to the DCF’s guidelines, use of the term “unsubstantiated” does not equate to a conclusion that abuse is not present, just that it is not sufficiently verifiable …”

Who engineered the family court crisis?

Which interests allowed it for so long and for what purpose?

Since the 1980s, millions of children and families experienced and witnessed the engineered family court crisis. The worst cases are mishandled in all the same predictable ways.

Did the destruction happen in family courts beginning with Richard Gardner in the 1980s?

The political agenda to sexualize children is everywhere today. Did it start in family courts with Richard Gardner’s tour around the world?

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