Divorce, from negative to positive

Divorce definitely leaves scars both for children and the parents.

During parenting time, spend it wisely and make sure every moment can have an impact. Simple things can always touch hearts. Schedule activities that can lighten up the mood. Make the children get excited about getting back to you.

A simple reading of bedtime stories can give a warm feeling of security at night. Make time to make the nights exciting for the children through stories that can always make dreams interesting.

Take them to visit their grandparents. Afterall, grandparents love their grandchildren bigtime. No doubt.

Play with the children. It will make them feel at ease and comfortable being with you after the painful process of divorce.

We can never deny that everything about the process is painful and hard. Dwelling on ill feelings can not make life better, acceptance of the sad reality makes moving on a little bit easier.

Plan a get away with your children, play, eat and do lots of stuff together that can bring about laughter and positivity.

Being a parent is never easy, being a  co-parent is even a step higher in difficulty, but when it comes to children, make them a beautiful inspiration to start anew.

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