Developmental Stages of Childhood (Preschoolers, 3-5 years of age)

During the 3-5 years of a child, there are many important things that happen tohim/her.

There are many things that a parent can do (even if divorced) to help develop a child into the best version of themselves. Here are the best practices that a parent can do:

  1. Read (bedtime) stories,
  2. Let a child help with SIMPLE household chores,
  3. Encourage the child to play with other children,
  4. Be clear and consistent in giving disciplinary action,
  5. Giving alternative action in exchange for every “NO”,
  6. Speak using grown-up worlds in complete sentences when addressing the child,
  7. Help in problem-solving action whenever the child is upset,
  8. Give a limited number of simple choices.

Be a responsible parent to develop a responsible child. Things will be ok when one is accountable for his/her action when dealing with a child- always remember, “ In the eyes of a child, everything he/she sees (that a parent does) is the right thing.”

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