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Danica Joan · January 12, 2022

Successful courses require careful planning and continual revision. In this course, we are going to explain the flow process on how to make your own course here in Hope4Families.

Define course goals

Determining the goals for the course will clarify what you want the course takers to learn and accomplish. Having these course goals in mind will then help you make decisions about which content to include, which teaching methods to use, and what kinds of lessons and exams are appropriate. For a useful introduction to curriculum planning that begins with defining goals for learning, rather than with course content.

When you define the course goals, focus on learning. One way to formulate these goals is to determine what your readers should be learning in terms of content, cognitive development, and personal development. Be as specific as you can and make sure that the goals define learning in ways that can be measured. Consider the following questions:

  • What do you want your readers to remember from your course in 5-10 years?
  • How should taking your course change your readers?
  • What skills should a person gain in this course?

About Instructor

Danica Joan

Danica Joan Dockery is a Certified Family Mediator with the Florida Supreme Court, a Guardian Ad Litem, the author of Florida’s Family Stabilization Parent Education Curriculum, Educator, a Personal Custody Coach and founder of Kids Need Both, Inc. She has devoted her life to guiding families, through coaching, education, and resources, to find workable, equitable, solutions to their custody conflicts. In her life she has been a television producer, scriptwriter, graphic designer, photographer, college professor, elementary school teacher, curriculum author, executive director, anger management and domestic violence specialist, traffic school owner, family mediator, and an Amazon Best Selling Author. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Design and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology. She has five sons and five grandchildren. Danica was personally impacted over 20 years ago with a high conflict custody battle that she successfully navigated through her commitment to 50/50 shared custody. Now that her children are adults, she continues to advocate for the next generation.

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