Kids Need Both’s Hope4Families Community Platform is based upon the mission of Kids Need Both, Inc., to be a model of education, empowerment, and professional development, that transforms the way all stakeholders navigate the challenges of maintaining the eternal unity of the family bond.

We have positioned ourselves as an integrated resource hub, where each service builds on, and feeds into, the other. We focus on Education, Empowerment, Development and Prosperity, through mediation, training, coaching and media. Our training is accessible to both parents and professionals, to empower themselves and others going through divorce or separation.

Our stakeholders are parents, children, and extended family, as well as the experienced professionals who assist them, and the communities that are affected by disruptions in the family unit.

By providing intensive, curated, uninterrupted services for families, we help them save thousands in court and related fees, time away from work and family, and extended emotional trauma. By offering training for professionals, we support them to upgrade their knowledge, skills and income in the service of positive outcomes for their clients.

In keeping with KNBs’ mission, we seek expert content & service providers (such as Speakers, Course Creators, Authors, Coaches, Counselors) from various disciplines who can positively inspire an audience through engaging presentations that leave viewers touched, moved and inspired. The Hope4Families Steering Committee and Kids Need Both, Inc Board, serves as the advisory board for Hope4Families and is responsible for selecting content and service providers in keeping with KNB guidelines as follows:

Selection: The committee is responsible for recommending, inviting, and approving all content and service providers. 

Multi-topical and Multidisciplinary: KNB features a diversity of content and service providers from across several disciplines that address topics related to difficult custody matters and its impact on society.

Duration: There is no limit to the length of any content, such as a presentation or course, however, we recommend shorter presentations (live or asynchronous) to have a most engagement. 

Presentations/Content: Every presenter’s content must comply with copyright law and cannot plagiarize. Presenter’s content must give credit where appropriate. KNB is not a platform for inflammatory political or religious agendas, nor polarizing “us vs. them” language. KNB reserves the right to remove such presentations.

Presentation videos & files: We recommend using a 1280x640px wide (MP4, M4V or AVI) video, no larger than 1.5 GB. Generally, we also recommend that you compress your videos as much as possible. We can also embed images, PDFs, and audio files directly into your presentation page with the option of making the files downloadable. The default for all videos is to have downloading disabled for the protection of the presenters’ content.

Sponsorship: We allow sponsorship of presentations on the platform by approval of the committee. Sponsors must be in alignment with KNB’s mission and vision.