Payment/Affiliate Compensation: KNB does not pay for presentations or participation as a live speaker/panelist or course provider. Compensation is structured in two ways. 

Subscriptions: Each partner will receive 15% of every subscription generated through their assigned unique link and paid out monthly. Subscriptions are renewable annually and will also be allocated to the partner based upon the 15% payout. No other partner is entitled to a portion of the proceeds acquired through another partner’s unique link.

Subscriptions to the platform allow access to all current and future asynchronous presentations, and live presentations.  

Courses and other saleable items: Partners are given an additional way of generating income using the platform by offering courses, asynchronous coaching programs (housed on the platform) and other saleable items such as books and promotional items. These proceeds collected through the platform will be divided as follows: 85% to partner and 15% to KNB. Fees allocated to KNB cover all payment processing and back office fees. It does not include chargeback fees. Chargebacks incur a $15 fee. If the chargeback is withdrawn, or the dispute is resolved in your favor, the fee is refunded. 

Group Facilitator Opportunities: H4F platform has the capability of hosting closed, public, program-attached and unattached groups. Participants usually receive a more beneficial outcome when these groups are facilitated and moderated by a trained coach. 

Groups can be asynchronous or include a live facilitator-led component such as through recurring web-based meetings. Facilitating a group is a great way to build connection with an audience and establish expertise with them. A group can be structured or unstructured and can be of finite duration or continuous. If group is curriculum based or sequential in nature, it is suggested that there be start and end dates to participate. 

Facilitators may charge a fee to lead a closed group. This fee can be recurring or one set price and is left to the discretion of the facilitator. KNB fees apply. 

KNB offers paid courses, and some are attached to a designated closed group to further synthesize the teaching. Facilitators leading these closed groups are expected to engage with participants through regularly moderating, providing positive and supportive coaching. They are encouraged, but not required, to lead live web-based meetings with the participants. The structure of these program-attached groups would likely be formatted on a non-sequential topic structure, as participants will likely be joining at different times.  

It is recommended for any paid program-attached group, that participation in the group be included in the cost of the course. KNB does offer compensation to facilitators of KNB paid program-attached groups based upon a flat fee per participant entering the group. To be considered for this compensated opportunity, prospective facilitator must submit a proposed structure for the group that will further synthesize the attached course distinctions.