Catch Lisa Goodpaster live on the 27th event Hope for Families

By; Cheryl P. Salvan

Lisa Goodpaster is one of the panelists for the event on June 27, 2021. She is a Parental Alienation Survivor and Childhood Trauma Educator. Her experience as an alienated child of divorce makes her a source of inspiration and awareness.

Lisa’s story can touch the lives of people who live in the same shadow of grief. She hopes it can bring about appropriate action around parental alienation prevention.

She launched The Stephood Project which is a social awareness campaign igniting a movement on awareness and prevention to help all families, professionals and anyone working with kids to learn the dangers of not co-parenting and its connection with parental alienation. ⁣

To connect with her please visit her FB Page (1) The Stephood Project | Facebook

You can check her website by clicking the link The Stephood Project

Link to June 27 event is https://hope4families.net/events/hope-for-healing/

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