As a Peace Maker collaborative family law attorney and mediator, Anthony J. Diaz is passionate about guiding those going through a divorce in reducing conflict with a more peaceful outcome to move forward more positively.

Catherine helps couples navigate separation and divorce outside of the court system. She is a certified mediator and collaborative attorney and a review and consulting attorney on uncontested divorce cases. In addition to divorce, custody, and visitation, and parenting plans, Catherine mediates conflicts in marriages, relationships, and families, including parent-teen and inheritance/estate disputes and the adoption triad, as well as issues in the LGBTQ community.

Rosemarie Ferrante is a family attorney focusing on non-adversarial divorce through mediation and collaborative divorce. Rosemarie’s goal is to make a positive impact on the divorce process by giving couples the resources and

Getting divorced unleashes strong emotions that the courts are not equipped to deal with. Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce provides you the opportunity to have your say, be heard, and seen as if you matter – all of which enables paths forward and opens a new world of hope and possibility. Through active listening, Andrea helps each participant identify what’s important to them and keep focused on the big picture: protecting what they value most. Divorce might start ugly but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The universal common denominator among all people is that we all want to be treated as if we matter. Work with Andrea and get the divorce you want, not the one you fear. A good referral for Andrea is a couple who does not want a divorce to tear their family apart.

Corey M. Shapiro is a skilled trial lawyer, mediator, divorce strategist, and advisor who concentrates his practice on a wide range of matrimonial and family law issues.

Mr. Shapiro is well-known for thoughtfully and efficiently bringing high-conflict divorces to a successful conclusion through litigation, negotiation, or mediation.

Mr. Shapiro also serves as a mediator on the New York County Supreme Court’s Roster of Matrimonial Mediators and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Lauren Grondski is the owner and founder of Law Offices of Lauren Grondski, P.A. She is a Family Law Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. In addition, Lauren dedicates herself as a Guardian Ad Litem, advocating for children in the legal system.

Lauren specializes in Family Law, representing clients and mediating cases in a wide array of matters. Whether someone is going through divorce or separation, Lauren Grondski has become synonymous with handling some of life’s most unpleasant bumps in the road with complete compassion, care, and understanding.

Dina De Gregiorgio has practiced for 27 years as an attorney and mediator in her own boutique law practice specializing exclusively in Divorce, Family Law, and Mediation. She focuses on clients’ objectives and critical issues, unravels complicated finances and entanglements, and problem-solve to reach beneficial resolutions.